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Dayglo Fishermen
Welcome to the official website of Dayglo Fishermen. Discover everything you need to know about the band and their music.
260311 MP3s - free music downloads
Hear the band live in concert in 2011
Download Dayglo Fishermen's new live album, '260311', a recording of the band's 2011 concert at the Limelight Theatre, Aylesbury, UK.

Moons That Cast Their Light  MP3s - free music downloads
Listen to the latest studio album
Dayglo Fishermen's most recent studio album, 'Moons That Cast Their Light', combines a strong retro feel with modern rock and pop to amazing effect. Listen to it now.
Concert and promo videos - free music downloads
Watch concert and promo videos
Choose from a selection of videos. See highlights of Dayglo fishermen's Limelight Theatre concerts, or view the band's promos for 'Teen Angst' and 'I Can Dance Now',
Albums MP3s - free music downloads
Download all Dayglo Fishermen's music
Choose from almost 300 MP3 CD quality tracks - all from the band's extensive catalogue of albums. All music downloads are free for personal use.
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Find out about the history of the band
From its conception to the present, learn about the critical events and decisions that shaped Dayglo Fishermen music. For the latest news click here.
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Play outrageous video games
Play games based on the music of Dayglo Fishermen. Don't miss the opportunity to take a voyage on the Dayglo Sea, or defend Dayglo Space from Mad Marvin.
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