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Album - Curious Comforts of Obsession - free MP3  downloads


Curious Comforts of Obsession (remaster)


Album - Opium - free MP3  downloads


Album - After the Storm - free MP3  downloads


After the Storm
Album - Curious Comforts of Obsession - free MP3  downloads


Curious Comforts of Obsession
Album - Love's a Dangerous Language - free MP3  downloads


Love's a Dangerous Language
Album - Sensations Without Thoughts - free MP3  downloads


Sensations Without Thoughts
Album - L'Amour De La Vie - free MP3  downloads


L'Amour De La Vie


Album - Live at the Moot Hall 1991 - free MP3  downloads


Live at the Moot Hall 1991


Album - Trails - free MP3  downloads



In 1988, two years before the formation of Dayglo Fishermen, Richard Burton and Peter Fothergill began writing and recording music together for the first time. What was initially intended to be a single album project turned into an extraordinary six-year six-album venture.

Although all the albums were released under the name 'Richard Burton' each one was very much a joint project for Richard and Peter and featured numerous guest musicians, vocalists and artists.

Even after the formation of Dayglo Fishermen in 1990, Richard and Peter continued their own work in parallel, helping fuel their imagination and drive, and forming the early template for the unique style and structure of Dayglo Fishermen's current music.

Select one of the albums on the left and listen to where it all began.

L'Amour De La Vie - Free Music Downloads Discover 'Secrets of Passion' and 'Sealed With a Kiss', two fine examples of 80s electro pop, and the first two songs that Richard and Peter worked on together.
Curious Comforts of Obsession - Free Music Downloads Wrap yourself up with 'Red Car in the Rain', 'Big Town' and 'Spirit', three masterpieces from the seminal album (stunningly remastered in 2017), 'Curious Comforts of Obsession'.
Opium - Free Music Downloads Immerse yourself in the beauty and malevolence of 'BetaĆ¼bung' which, at almost 16 minutes in length (with 'BetaĆ¼bung (Finale)'), is Richard and Peter's longest instrumental track.
Opium - Free Music Downloads And while you're here, you may as well listen to Dayglo Fishermen's first live performance at the Moot Hall, Hexham, in 1991. Hear classics such as 'Fish', 'Snatch' and 'Free Roky Erickson' performed for the first time.
Opium - Free Music Downloads Still here? Then have a listen to 'Trails'. This album contains some of the earliest music recorded by Peter. It's typically 80s, and often quite frantic. Be careful not to overdose.

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