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Dayglo Fishermen, a quirky British pop group, formed in the Spring of 1990 in the small English town of Hexham, Northumberland.

The band's highly original sound quickly developed a loyal following, and the band produced an astonishing 11 albums between 1990 and 1994. The albums, with names such as ‘Drenched’, ‘Strange Plaice’ and ‘Magic Organ’, consisted of a wide variety of styles, from weird electropop to harsh grunge-style rock.

In late 1994 the band relocated to Buckinghamshire, near London, and recruited a female singer. In the years that followed the band invested in a purpose-built digital production facility and released many more studio albums, and even some live albums.

Even though they have been together for so many years Dayglo Fishermen have a passion for writing and recording music that grows with every album, and remains as fresh as ever. This is evident in their music, and with a concert performed in September 2016 (and released on DVD), and a stunning new studio album released in 2019, the story of Dayglo Fishermen is far from over.

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