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Richard Burton - the man with the quiff Richard

Richard, the posh fisherman, likes the finer things in life. Some say he's the Bryan Ferry of the band, though he doesn't take himself quite so seriously. The man with the quiff provides guitar and vocals, and is influenced by the likes of Blue Nile, Kraftwerk, Roxy Music, M83, PIL, Brian Eno, Empire of the Sun and Depeche Mode.

Favourite Dayglo Fishermen songs Length Size (MB)
Close Your Eyes (Space Dog - 1997) 3:58 3.64
Something's Watching (Painting Aliens - 1998) 4:11 3.83
Never a Shadow (Without a Light) (Moons That Cast Their Light - 2010) 6:33 6.00
Peter Fothergill - technological prowess Peter

With technological prowess and wild imagination, Peter creates the smooth, hypnotic, and often chilling aural backdrops that are the driving force of the band. From the canyons of Utah to the Palace of Amino, his inspiration comes from strange sources, which explains some of the band's more 'unusual' moments.

Favourite Dayglo Fishermen songs Length Size (MB)
Cool People Meet (Midnight Souls Still Remain - 2015) 11:58 21.90
When Summer Ends (I Can See a Boat ... It No Longer Floats - 2006) 6:03 5.68
But Where Were the Mice? (And So It Is - 1992) 2:52 2.69
Ginny Owens - sensuous and evocative Ginny

The sensuous and evocative vocal melodies that ooze like syrup out of Ginny add that final magical touch to the music. Ginny's a country lass, born and bred, and loves cream teas, white fluffy dogs, and working for long hours in confined and sweaty environments.

Favourite Dayglo Fishermen songs Length Size (MB)
My Friend (Queen of the Sunset City - 2003) 6:19 5.79
Soncabaret (Comet Nerdlinger- 2001) 4:58 4.54
Winds of Time (Moons That Cast Their Light - 2010) 5:42 5.23
Sean Wills - feeding the beast Sean

From his musical enclave in the far north of England, Sean concocts chord progressions and lyrics that help feed the Dayglo Fishermen musical beast. It's a highly nutritious stream of ideas that's resulted in some of the band's classic tracks.

Favourite Dayglo Fishermen songs Length Size (MB)
Drink Dance Kiss (Comet Nerdlinger - 2001) 5:04 4.64
I Cannot See Your Face (Midnight Souls Still Remain- 2015) 5:25 9.92
Wait For the Dream (Big Spoon - 1994) 8:32 7.32

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