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The Dayglo FIshermen Production Blog features articles and in-depth details on the band's music, art and production facilities.

With information obtained from inside sources, the contents of the articles often reveal the fascinating behind-the-scenes activities and thought processes that occur during the production, release and promotional phases of the band's albums.

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Dayglo Fishermen - Painting Aliens
The Discovery of Comet Nerdlinger
The Comet Nerdlinger album is an enigma straddling two of the band's developmental eras. Find out more.
Dayglo Fishermen - Painting Aliens
Thirty Years
In April 2020 Dayglo Fishermen celebrated their 30th anniversary. Read this overview of their career so far.
Dayglo Fishermen - Painting Aliens
'Time' Has Come
Read the detailed account of the band's epic album 'Time', released in 2019.
Dayglo Fishermen - Painting Aliens
Big Spoon
Find out how Dayglo Fishermen's ground-breaking 1994 album 'Big Spoon' was concieved and produced.
Dayglo Fishermen - Painting Aliens
Painting Aliens
A long overdue examination of the band's now legendary 1998 pop album, 'Painting Aliens'.
Dayglo Fishermen - Instruments of Mass Destruction
Instruments of Mass Destruction
At last, the secrets and influences behind Richard's phenomenal guitar sounds are revealed.
Dayglo Fishermen - Space Dog - The Pound of the Hound
Space Dog - The Pound of the Hound
Take a look back at the 1997 album 'Space Dog', a significant milestone in the band's long history.
Dayglo Fishermen - The Live Albums
The Live Albums
Discover more about the band's three Limelight Theatre concerts, and the stunning live albums that followed.
Dayglo Fishermen - The First Performance
The First Dayglo Fishermen Performance
The band first played live at the Moot Hall, Hexham, in 1991. Read a detailed account of that event.
Dayglo Fishermen - Midnight Souls Revealed
Midnight Souls Revealed
Read the in-depth overview of every track on the band's 2015 studio album, 'Midnight Souls Still Remain'.
Dayglo Fishermen - Epic Instrumentals
Epic Instrumentals
Dayglo Fishermen have composed some incredible instrumental tracks over the years. Read about them here.
Dayglo Fishermen - The Art of Darkness
The Art of Darkness
Find out more about 'Magic Organ', the album that almost ripped the band apart.
Dayglo Fishermen - Wave to the Aliens
Wave to the Aliens
Extra-terrestrial life forms play an important part in many of the band's songs. Those songs are reviewed here.
Dayglo Fishermen - The Origin of Fish
The Origin of 'Fish'
'Fish' was the band's first ever track. Find out how it came into being and how the band formed in this article.


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